Five wines, two vintages, new legends. In essence, it is about understanding  identity and a sense of place through singular and exclusive wines from regions and areas that have marked the evolution and path of a great winemaking family. Thanks to the dedication of five generations, the family is now celebrating 150 years of history – wine history.


Old vines in old organic vineyards: starting in the DO Penedès, where the family has its roots, we’ll move southward to delve into the history of Conca de Barberà and Priorat.



“These wines represent our desire to express a specific place through wines that are capable of conveying their history and articulating their landscape, which we must protect. They come from exceptional vineyards, historical estates, or are made from recovered varieties”.

Miquel Torres Maczassek, general manager of de Familia Torres



Miquel Torres Maczassek, director general de Familia Torres, en la presentación de las nuevas añadas el pasado mes de septiembre

Miquel Torres Maczassek, general manager of Familia Torres, presenting the new vintages this past September



[DO Penedès] Mas La Plana 2016 - Reserva Real 2016


Mas La Plana 2016. The oldest wine region in Catalonia (2,700 years of history) is also the birthplace and home of Familia Torres. Having reached a distinguished mature age, this Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard is at its peak, with well-established, balanced vines that are almost 60 years old, nestled into different soils in parcels arranged on two levels. The vineyard is farmed organically and lies across from the winery in a subzone of the DO Penedès called Turons de Vilafranca. Familia Torres has installed nesting boxes, insect hotels, and rainwater harvesting ponds to encourage biodiversity. A flock of sheep helps maintain cover crops and fertilizes the soil naturally, which reduces the use of machinery and its associated carbon emissions.


Every parcel is treated as an individual entity and harvested at optimal ripeness for separate vinification in stainless steel tanks, wood foudres, or concrete eggs depending on what the winemaker seeks to emphasize in each lot. Mas La Plana is the result of a meticulous selection process, both in the vineyard and in the winery, to create a wine with a rejuvenated, balanced, elegant profile.  Legendary.



Mas La Plana, el más prestigioso vino tinto de Familia Torres reconocido mundialmente

Mas La Plana, the most prestigious and internationally recognized Familia Torres red wine


The second Penedès in the collection, Reserva Real 2016, originates from a vineyard in the Costers de l'Anoia subzone. Only four hectares in size, it is its own exceptional enclave with llicorella schist soils that are unique in the region. Made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot, the wine is classic in style, a “Bordeaux” blend with the personality of the Penedès-grown varieties, but very different from Mas La Plana. An aristocratic profile of timeless elegance.



Reserva Real, uno de los vinos más exclusivos y de producción limitada en España.

Reserva Real, one of the most exclusive, limited-production wines in Spain



[DO Conca de Barberà] Grans Muralles 2016 - Milmanda 2017


Grans Muralles. History, culture, innovation, determination. What makes this exceptional wine so unique lies in the particular composition of its slate and granite soils, as well as in the indigenous varieties that grow here – Querol and Garró, two ancestral varieties recovered by Familia Torres.


The historical estate, once the property of the Poblet monastery, comprises 32 hectares, six of which are dedicated to the production of this unique wine. Each parcel and variety is harvested at precisely the right moment and vinified in different styles to accentuate their individual expression. The resulting identity is complex and elegant, with different aromatic registers and an emphasis on freshness and balsamic notes. Grans Muralles: the Mediterranean expressed in a red wine.




Grans Muralles, un vino cuya singularidad radica en la particularidad de sus suelos pizarrosos y graníticos

Grans Muralles, a wine which draws its unique character from the particular composition of its slate and granite soils




Milmanda 2017. Adjacent to Grans Muralles is a thousand-year-old estate, home to the Milmanda vineyard: 16 hectares of deep clay soils, rich in silt, and ideally suited to growing Chardonnay, which develops its full potential here. This spread of green vines unfolds at the feet of an incomparable historical and architectural site.


The only white in the Antología collection has a varietal identity rooted in the characteristics of a warm, dry vintage, with an emphasis on varietal expression and vineyard-imparted nuances. The use of wild yeasts found on the estate and the short time spent in oak underscore the identity and uniqueness of the wine. Along with delicate lees aging in stainless steel, this results in a fresh, balanced wine with great cellaring potential. Varietal elegance.




Milmanda, una compleja y armoniosa combinación de aromas, un vino elegante, noble y de gran linaje.

Milmanda is a complex and harmonious combination of aromas; an elegant, noble wine of great lineage



[DOQ Priorat] Mas de la Rosa 2017

The newest member of the Antología Familia Torres collection is here to stay and win over the most discerning hearts and palates. Mas de la Rosa 2017 is the second vintage of the most exclusive of all Familia Torres wines, a project initiated by Miquel Torres Maczassek (fifth generation Familia Torres).


The wine offers the fullest and most exuberant expression of this historical vineyard in Porrera, just 1.9 hectares planted with venerable vines that are more than 80 years old. They grow on a steep hillside, or coster in Catalan, in llicorella schist soils, enveloped by an enchanting landscape that invites visitors to return (and dream) time and again. Here everything is still done by hand, even the soil is tilled with a mule, delineating a cultural winegrowing landscape where time seems to have stood still for centuries. The wine is made with utmost care to preserve the purity and varietal expression of the fruit.  It then sleeps the sleep of the just for 16 months, aging in 500-liter French oak barrels to round out the organoleptic profile of a simply incomparable wine.



Los vinos que conforman la colección ‘Antología’ de Familia Torres, por la singularidad de su origen y exclusiva elaboración

The wines of Antología Familia Torres, chosen for their exceptional provenance and exclusive winemaking



Through the experience (wise decisions and errors, acquired knowledge, boldness, innovation, climatic awareness, and respect for the earth) gained over 150 years, Familia Torres has achieved true excellence with these five wines that connect us to a place, its history and culture. Life at its purest.


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