5 White Wines for Sunny Days

The selection of Familia Torres white wines is bound to please any palate, no matter how demanding. By now our collective unconscious no longer associates quality exclusively with old vintage reds. It is time to shed these kinds of erroneous assumptions and celebrate the sublime quality of wines that come in hues of yellow, ochre, and gold.



Un brindis, un mediodia de junio

A midday toast in June



Celeste Verdejo (DO Rueda), with its seductive shade of limpid, bright pale gold, speaks to lovers of invigorating freshness. On the nose, the wine is intense and heady, revealing varietal notes of fennel, green almond, and citrus layered over aromatic, white floral undertones. An immediate pleasure, swiftly enveloping the palate in delightful sensations: firm but silky, wonderfully sensuous (mango and peach), with a lingering trace of elegant acidity that gives the wine great length.



Celeste Verdejo (DO Rueda) elaborado con la variedad verdejo. Lo puedes encontrar aquí: Celeste Verdejo

Celeste Verdejo (DO Rueda) is a Verdejo varietal. You can find the wine here: Celeste Verdejo



Staying on the path of varietal expression with a sense of place, Vinyarets White (DO Penedès) proves to be a refreshing, identity-driven companion. Here the winemaking emphasis is on bringing out the subtle aromas of the region's flagship grape through temperature-controlled fermentation. The resulting wine is fresh, with excellent acidity and a fragrant aroma reminiscent of citrus over delicate yet heady floral (broom) undertones. Dynamic on entry, with an expressive palate and a delicious apple and honey finish.



Vinyarets Blanco (DO Penedès) está elaborado con la variedad xarel·lo. Lo puedes encontrar aquí: Vinyarets Blanco

Vinyarets White (DO Penedès) is a Xarel·lo varietal.


Transcending the mere concept of freshness, Waltraud (DO Penedès) gives tangible expression to the sweet rarity of Riesling. A complex wine in its essence and attributes. Intensely aromatic, it has a subtle, elegant body and is surprising on the palate. Gold-coloured and radiant in appearance. Intense and delicate, with fine floral (lemon balm) and fruit (lemon rind) nuances and echoes of pure honey coming through. Elegant, with a firm yet silky body and a lusciously styled finish reminiscent of spice bread. Seductive silk in liquid form.



El vino blanco Waltraud (DO Penedès) está elaborado con la variedad riesling. Lo puedes encontrar aquí: Waltraud

Waltraud (DO Penedès) is a Riesling varietal. You can find the wine here: Waltraud



Continuing the theme of noble international varieties, Fransola (DO Penedès) is a Sauvignon Blanc that hails from the altitudes of the Penedès region. Barrel fermented in new American oak, the wine then ages for four months, emerging with a seductive aromatic voice and an extraordinary palate. This golden, brilliant, radiant wine opens up to reveal a fruit-laden nose (passion fruit, quince) with delicate dried fruit undertones that recall the mature toasty nuances of oak ageing. Intense and silky on the palate, the wine combines noble elegance with the austere expression of its terroir




El vino blanco Fransola (DO Penedès) está elaborado con la variedad sauvignon blanc. Lo puedes encontrar aquí: Fransola

Fransola (DO Penedès) is a Sauvignon Blanc varietal. You can find the wine here: Fransola



Bringing our noble variety theme to a close is Milmanda (DO Conca de Barberà), a leader among high-quality white wines and stellar example of their good reputation. A winegrowing enclave since the 12th century, the fortified farm of the Milmanda estate observes the passage of time from atop its charming tower, which overlooks the old Chardonnay vines that bring us Milmanda, the wine. Fermented and aged in new French oak, Milmanda undergoes partial malolactic, resulting in an elegant, complex wine with an emphasis on varietal expression. Seductive tertiary notes oscillate amid smoke and coffee, hazelnut and honey, yellow clingstone peach and honeysuckle to define a wine of noble bearing with an timelessly elegant personality.



El vino blanco Milmanda (DO Conca de Barberà) está elaborado con la variedad chardonnay. Lo puedes encontrar aquí: Milmanda

Milmanda (DO Conca de Barberà) is a Chardonnay varietal. You can find the wine here: Milmanda



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