Wine Tourism in Autumn

The horizon is a coppery indigo blue. Rows of vines meld into the natural palette of earth tones at their base, the same shades as those under our feet. Serene autumn colors mark the beginning of the gradual and inevitable dormancy of the vine. If this were an ancient classic, this would be the moment when the warrior comes to rest; the hero returns.



In contrast to the bustling activity in the winery, the vineyard is calm, inviting long walks and contemplation. This is the time for taking quiet pleasure in the cultural, experiential, gastronomic, and human heritage of places that, like our home, are steeped in an ancient winemaking tradition.



Before retreating into our wintry comforts, we should make the most of fall's longer days and mild temperatures, the perfect season for excursions and activities in and around the vineyard.



The starting point


Located in the heart of Penedès, the Familia Torres Visitors Center consistently updates and adds to the many exceptional activities and events that make up its internationally renowned and award-winning experiences, which have come to exemplify wine tourism at its best.


From vine to wine

Join us in one of the family's flagship vineyards, Mas La Plana, and put your palate to the test with a tasting that appeals to all five senses. You'll discover the unique characteristics of every grape, comparing the fruit to wines made from the same varieties in a tasting that features some of our most exclusive and renowned wines. Along the way, you’ll also get to explore the history of five generations dedicated to the world of wine.





Harvest morning

Head deep into the vineyards to experience the harvest, followed by a visit to the winery where you'll discover the many curious aspects of this ancient cultural practice. Spend a day getting a true hands-on experience of our winemaking tradition. 




Food for the body and soul


End your day of wine and nature with your loved ones on a high note at Jardí Restaurant El Celleret, Familia Torres's new wine restaurant in Penedès. An elegant and welcoming spot to enjoy the best local cuisine. The interior opens up to a garden with olive trees, which gives way to the Mas La Plana vineyard and, beyond that, the peaks of Montserrat in the distance.


The focus of our winery's restaurant is the culinary heritage and landscape of Penedès, from the interior to the sea, and we celebrate its Mediterranean spirit with pairings that feature our most precious legacy—our wines—and evoke those same landscapes on the plate and in the glass. 


We hope this suggestion provides a blank canvas for visitors to design their own autumnal outing, where the landscape is present in every sip, and our heritage lives on in every meal and memory. 

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