An ancestral red grape that's back for good

Our efforts to introduce the world to newly rediscovered, long-forgotten varieties continues. In working with these varieties, the winery brings greater depth to the identity of its wines—wines that are unique, peerless, and cannot be replicated elsewhere.  


The impact of recovering this heritage is not only cultural. Many of these varieties have proven resistant to water stress and the high temperatures brought on by climate change. This means that they will be planted and vinified to a much larger extent in years to come.  



“Freshness is the common denominator that unites all of these varieties. Every sip is a burst of intense fruit with good acidity.”

Sergi Castro, sommelier at Bodegas Torres


According to Josep Sabarich, the winery's technical director, the characteristics mentioned by Castro can be explained by two recurring factors that these varieties have in common: “the small size of the berries and the concentration of aromas and acidity.”




Gonfaus was rediscovered in 1998 near the village of Santa Eulàlia de Puig Oriol in the Lluçanès area of Osona county. The grape is named after a field located south of the village, popularly known as the Quintà de Gonfaus.


  • The grapes are now grown at the L'Aranyó estate in the heart of Les Garrigues county (Lleida).
  • The variety produces low yields and has innate resources to deal with drought conditions.
  • What is remarkable, according to our technical team, is that Gonfaus might be a new female variety (most are hermaphrodites).




  • Budbreak: mid-March
  • Grape Maturation: mid-September
  • Growth Habit: Semi-upright
  • Size of Vineyard: 4.7 ha




  • The expressiveness of Mediterranean wines speaks to your soul and palate; you understand their subtle secrets, and they make you feel at home.
  • You appreciate reds with perfectly integrated and balanced fruit and acidity. Wines that are firm yet delicate.  
  • You adore discovering new things. A paradise for curious and adventurous palates.



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