New Vintages, Lasting Legends

New vintages to celebrate old legends. What they reveal, first and foremost, is a particular understanding of identity, place, and the unhindered expression of nature through extraordinarily unique wines from regions and areas that have defined the path of a great wine family. Thanks to the dedication of five generations, Familia Torres has built a legacy that spans 150 years – wine history in a bottled anthology.



Los vinos de la Antología Miguel Torres, durante el acto de presentación de las nuevas añadas.

Presenting the new vintages of Antología Miguel Torres wines



Each wine originates from old vines grown in old organic vineyards, steeped in a long family tradition which has its roots in DO Penedès, the homeland of Familia Torres. From here, the winery looks southward and ventures into the long vinicultural history that courses through Conca de Barberà and Priorat. True reflections of their place of origin, these five wines allow nature to express itself freely, revealing vintage variation and emphasizing the exuberance of the wine. Mediterranean in style, they all have two attributes in common: elegance and freshness.


“What matters most to us in terms of these wines is respecting the expression of the vineyard and the vintage,” states Miguel Torres Maczassek, “We emphasize the natural freshness of these very balanced wines to obtain a more exuberant profile.”



Mas La Plana 2017

Not only is the DO Penedès appellation of origin the oldest wine region in Catalonia (2,700 years of history), it is also where Familia Torres has its roots and home. This venerable Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard is currently at its peak, planted with vines that are almost 60 years old, well established and balanced thanks to the two-tiered arrangement of the parcels where they grow in different types of soil. Each parcel is treated as an individual entity and is harvested at the moment of optimal fruit ripeness. The 2017 vintage was very dry with moderate temperatures, which led to a reduction in crop production and required much more labour-intensive work in the vineyard, such as carefully monitoring fruit maturation in each parcel.



Mas La Plana es un vino tinto de la denominación de origen Penedès.

Mas La Plana (DO Penedès) is a red Cabernet Sauvignon wine.



Reserva Real 2017

Situated close to Mas La Plana in the foothills of the pre-coastal mountains, the Les Arnes vineyard (DO Penedès) presents similar vintage characteristics – little rainfall and mild temperatures – resulting in very healthy grapes, even though vigour was low. 


Combined with the slate soils of the estate – one of a kind in Penedès – this factor resulted in a 2017 vintage that is more food friendly, displaying lovely freshness and elegance. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot, the wine displays a classic style with a personality that reflects the varietal makeup of the Penedès vineyards.



Reserva Real es un vino tinto de la denominación de origen Penedès.

Reserva Real (DO Penedès) is a red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc.



Grans Muralles 2017

History, culture, innovation, determination. What makes this exceptional wine so unique lies in the particular characteristics of its slate and granite soils, and the indigenous varieties that live in them, two of which are ancestral varieties recovered by Familia Torres: Querol and Garró. Only 6 of the 32 hectares that make up this historical estate, once property of the Poblet Monastery, are dedicated to the production of this singular wine. Each parcel and variety are harvested separately, when the time is just right, and vinified in different styles that accentuate their particular expression to create a complex and elegant identity. In this vintage, the spotlight is on Cariñena rather than Garnacha to prolong the tension and freshness of the wine, while as in previous years the ancestral grape Querol comprises 10% of the blend. Miguel Torres Maczassek, 5th generation Familia Torres, describes Grans Muralles 2017 as a “wine that is very true to the vintage, fresh, with a clearly Mediterranean profile”. 



Grans Muralles es un vino tinto de la denominación de origen Conca de Barberà.

Grans Muralles (DO Conca de Barberà) is a red blend of several varieties: Cariñena, Garnacha, Querol, Monastrell, and Garró



Milmanda 2018

The vineyard of Milmanda (DO Conca de Barberà) extends across 16 hectares (the collection's only white) with deep, silt-rich clay soils that are ideal for growing Chardonnay, which can develop its full potential here. This green expanse of vines frames a historical and architectural site without peer. 2018 was a cool year, which favoured slow, balanced fruit maturation. The wine was made with great care to help preserve its natural freshness, using indigenous yeasts from the vineyard.  This “less is more” philosophy accentuates the wine's unique personality and finds reflection in reduced malolactic fermentations and less time in oak to achieve a far more subtle influence. 



Milmanda es un vino blanco de la denominación de origen Conca de Barberà.

Milmanda (DO Conca de Barberà) is a white Chardonnay varietal 



Mas de la Rosa 2018

Mas de la Rosa is the finest and most exuberant expression of a historical vineyard in Porrera. Its 1.9 hectares are home to venerable vines that are over 80 years old, planted on llicorella hillsides known as costers in the embrace of an enchanting landscape that inspires visitors to dream and return time and again. Even today the vineyards here are worked by hand and mule, revealing a cultural winegrowing landscape where time seems to have stood still for centuries. 


In Priorat, 2018 was an excellent vintage, with cool temperatures and rainfall during the growth cycle, which benefitted slow and gradual grape ripening. Cariñena once again steals the spotlight from Garnacha, revealing its freshest and most elegant side. The winemaking approach is simple, with brief maceration and ageing in 1500-litre foudres to minimize the oak influence. This is the third vintage of a wine known for its great finesse and elegance. The most exclusive of all Familia Torres wines springs from the personal initiative of Miguel Torres Maczassek who sought to capture the singular personality of this beautiful Priorat enclave – the bottled expression of a landscape.


Mediterranean elegance, freshness, varietal emphasis, and the unhindered expression of nature characterize the captivating wines which make up this anthological collection vintage after vintage. 



Mas de la Rosa es un vino tinto de la denominación de origen calificada Priorat.

Mas de la Rosa (DOCa Priorat) is red wine made from the varieties Garnacha and Cariñena

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