An alliance forged in wood and time

A certain class of exceptional wines transcends all seasons, dispelling popular myths and customs.


Certain white wines transform into liquid silk, reborn with richly nuanced complexity. Enveloped in an oak embrace, they develop new aromatic notes as the wood gently shapes their varietal expression during fermentation and subsequent barrel aging. 


Not all white varieties benefit from oak aging; many display their organoleptic potential at the height of youth. In order to survive partial or complete “confinement” (if you'll forgive the acerbic turn of phrase), the wines need a sufficient amount of tannins, alcohol, or acidity. The latter is essential for long bottle aging under anaerobic conditions (in the absence of oxygen). 



Uva chardonnay en la finca de Milmanda (DO Conca de Barberà)

Chardonnay grapes at Milmanda vineyard (DO Conca de Barberà)


Yellow hues turn amber and honeyed; the immediacy of fresh fruit gives way to exquisite maturity, toasted bread and butter, hazelnut and vanilla. An array of nuances come to life. 


Few grapes epitomize the successful union of white varieties and oak like Chardonnay, a master at making the most of time. Depending on the wine region, the variety displays very different characteristics. In our Milmanda, Chardonnay reveals primary aromas reminiscent of citrus peeking through layers of delicious stone fruit. 


In the mouth, a light sensation of glycerol envelops the palate in liquid silk, with a backbone of firm acidity that will hold its own against time in the glass-enclosed universe of the bottle.  



Sons de Prades, también oriundo de las nobles vides de la finca de Milmanda

The same is true of Sons the Prades, which also originates in the noble vineyards of Milmanda and appreciates a touch of oak.  


After partial fermentation in steel and new French oak, where it also enjoys a six-month-long beauty sleep, the wine acquires flavorful nuances in style and substance that recall fresh floral (broom) and fruit (ripe pineapple) aromas. They evoke memories, bringing out the wine's personality as it unfolds across the palate, ending with a dry, elegant finish. 


The elegance and exceptional quality of these enological gems makes them seasonless. Free verse in wine, taking their place on the wine Olympus to please palates and satisfy curious souls. 

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