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Part of the winemaking process in which the wine is passed from one cask to another (one or several times) or from one container to another. When the racking is between casks, it serves to decant and air the wine.
A wine obtained from red varieties in which the must is not separated from the skins before fermentation.
Moment of the wine tasting when the taster expels air through the nose whilst tasting the wine. It is used for better appreciation of certain aromas of the wine.
Moment in which the grape reaches optimum level for picking at the traditional harvest. The exact moment, like the rest of the phases of the growth cycle, depends on the grape variety grown.
The bottom of the American vine onto which the European vine is grafted, in order to give vitis vinifera stronger roots.
A wine obtained from red grape varieties with the difference being that the skins are separated from the must before fermentation.