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This is a barrel, preferably made of oak, used in the process of ageing wines. The cask usually used is the Bordeaux-type, with a capacity of 225 litres.
The part of the winery where wines from very old vintages are stored. It is usually underground and the space reserved is usually small.
Traditionally this term was used to define red wines with a weak colour, but today it is used as a name for very pale rosé wines.
Common wine
Used to describe wines that do not belong to a designation of origin.
Control Board (Consejo Regulador)
The authority in charge of regulating and normalising the action of agents inscribed in a particular designation of origin, and also responsible for effective compliance with these.
A person who makes his own wine from his own harvest. Usually he uses traditional wine-making techniques.
Process by which the skin of the grapes is broken through crushing and the juice contained within is extracted.