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Acidity, fixed
A wine’s acidity relative to the sum of fixed organic and mineral acids that are to be found in its composition.
Acidity, total
Refers to the total degree of acidity of a wine, calculated by adding the volatile acidity to the fixed acidity. Acidity is closely related to the ageing process, since the greater the acidity, the more appropriate the wine is for ageing.
Acidity, volatile
The concentration of free acids in a wine. If the volatile acidity is high, it has a negative effect on the wine’s quality.
The flavour and aroma that remains in the mouth after swallowing the wine.
Process through which wines are aged and mature, whether in the bottle or in oak casks.
Ageing facility
Place in the winery reserved for ageing wines. The space contains casks and bottle racks where the wine is aged.
Alcohol content
This is the proof of a wine and indicates the percentage of alcohol contained in it. When a wine says 11º it means that it has 11 % alcohol content.
American vine
A variety of wild vine whose rootstock is used for grafting the European vine so that it resists attack by phylloxera.
Phenolic pigments found mainly in red grape varieties which determine the colour of the grape.