Per aspera ad astra

“Through hardships to the stars.” This grape never had it easy. After decades of obscurity, Sumoll is forging its own path thanks to its singular personality. In its latest incarnation, Vinyarets (DO Penedès), the variety not only reveals its potential, but shows how essential it is in shaping the identity of the region's wines. 


Before phylloxera, Sumoll was one of the most widely planted varieties throughout Catalonia, but especially in the Penedès region.



Sumoll: the variety grown and used for the Vinyarets coupage



This grape stands out as one of the most personality-driven varieties in the world of Penedès reds, even though cultivation is still limited to a few hectares. Seemingly holding on to youth, Sumoll evades its aging potential to live a rebellious and enduring adolescence.


“Difficult to grow, difficult to vinify, difficult to comprehend...if Cabernet Sauvignon is Beethoven, then Sumoll is Miles Davis.”


Ton Colet, Finalist - Best Sommelier of Catalonia 2019



Sumoll requires care and constant monitoring. Morphologically speaking, the variety is divided into three types based on the shape and size of its berries: round and medium-sized, small, and oval. The berries are black with a blue tinge, fleshy and succulent, slow ripening, with excellent acidity.




Crispy marinated Ibérico pork with apple purée and truffle shavings. A wine and food pairing created at El Celleret Garden Restaurant (Pacs del Penedès).




A Taste of Sumoll 

Sumoll wines stand out for their striking youthfulness enveloped in fresh red fruit. The grape is Mediterranean in origin and has a complex profile exemplified by the following characteristics: 


  • Despite its moderate depth of color, which allows light to filter through, the variety's vivid hue reveals beautiful, mesmerizing nuances, glints, and highlights.


  • The nose is of medium intensity, but stays true to the varietal spirit (tart red fruit on a bed of woodland undergrowth with an herbaceous note) and expresses it clearly. Full on the palate, where it reveals a striking personality. 


  • A lively, refreshing burst of youthful flavors that engage the palate all the way through to the finish.


In Sumoll, Vinyarets finds the unique characteristics and identity of Penedès; a touch of freshness, acidity, and cheerful zing. The kind of intangible qualities that make for a special and memorable wine.

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