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Sant Miquel de les Vinyes Society

Inspired by the 1327 brotherhood.

A select club where we share our passion for oenology. An exclusive society for those who love culture, tradition and good wine.

The fruit of the vine is one of the greatest treasures offered to us by the land. With eternal gratitude for such a precious gift, the Torres family decided to recover the tradition of an ancient brotherhood, Sant Miquel de les Vinyes.

Empresa familiar, internacional y comprometida

We respect the patient rest needed by the wine on its journey with silence.

Empresa familiar, internacional y comprometida

The Society of Good Wine

Members of the Sant Miquel de les Vinyes Society enjoy exclusive privileges and benefits to enjoy their passion for wine.

  • Exclusive information on the production of new wines they may purchase.
  • Access to special edition wines of very limited production.
  • They may purchase old vintages and have preferential opportunities to buy limited amounts of new Antología Miguel Torres vintages.
  • Attendance at tasting sessions of new, very exclusive vintages.
  • They have a reserved space at the Waltraud cellar in Pacs del Penedès where they may keep their Torres wines.

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Sant Miquel de les Vinyes Society

Wine expresses sentiments and connects through emotions beyond the borders of time and space. Our fascination for it is more intense when shared.